Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Innocence... Cause There Aren't Enough Vamps Around

Vampires are soooo in right now. Or are they on the way out? Whatevs. Either way, I'm gonna tell you about an upcoming vamp flick I just came across.

A young woman discovers her private school houses a vampire sect. IMDB

Not much to go on here, but really, that's probably all we need to get the picture. Young woman, school, vampires, CHECK! Oooh ooooh I wonder if she'll meet a totally cute guy and then find out he's got a super dark, secret that we sooo won't be able to guess until like 20 minutes in when she follows him down a dark hallway into a secret chamber where a clan is sucking schoolgirls dry?!

Sucking schoolgirls dry... That really doesn't sound good.

The movie will star Abigail Breslin, and Maggie Gyllenhaal who is waaay cool in our books. Will she be a teacher/guidance counsellor? A vampire? Perhaps both?

We'll watch, will you?


Karina.Zhen said...

Can never get sick of the vampire themes! This looks cute, I'd watch it. Sounds like another movie that people will make fun of because of the vampire theme.

The Masked Critic said...

Frankenstein movies are the new Vampire movies.

Aditya said...

I guess the vampires are taking over everything. The Twilight saga seems to have opened a box of sleeping vampire flicks , which were till now buried deep down. Hope