Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Robert Rodriguez Presents: MACHETE

Oh me oh my! Do you Cin-Obs remember the fake trailers in Robert Rodriguez's 2007 film Grindhouse? They were made to be silly and campy, as the perfect previews you might see before a movie like Planet Terror, or Deathproof.

Well, it has been announced that Machete, one of the fictional trailers, is actually going into production and will be released theatrically!

What a great idea, it has a gimmick that no other films have really had before. The expected release is April 16, 2010.

Machete stars Danny Trejo as Machete (ha!) as a renegade ex "Mexican Federale." Well he's not an ex-Mexican, but you get the idea. He is hired to kill a corrupt senator (played by Robert De Niro). Things go awry and Machete is double-crossed, which forces him to go on the run from the sexy Immigration and Customs Agent played by Jessica Alba. Groan.

Anyway, it sounds interesting, with some good casting (including a small role for Cheech Marin). And we're psyched for pretty much anything Rodriguez does, so bring it on. Swing that machete, and get some bloody revenge! Sccchhhiiing! Schhiinngg! (that's a blade slicing through the air) YEAAAAHHH!!! Ok, we're sick.

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Hipstercrite said...

they've been shooting this movie all over town. kind of exciting!

Cinema Obsessed said...

JEALOUS! Snap some pics and send them our way! LOL!