Monday, November 23, 2009

Clash of the Titans Teaser!

Ok so they've released a quick teaser trailer for Clash of the Titans, which is coming March 26, 2010, and I have a few ramblings to share. Join me, won't you?

Firstly, although it looks like an excellent big budget blockbuster-on-steroids type movie that will no doubt be action-packed and enjoyable, it seems familiar to me. I see moments, just in the teaser alone, that seem veeerrryyy similar to 300, Lord of the Rings, and Troy. Although I haven't seen the original 1981 Titans (blasphemous) I can't really say if some of these images belong in the story or not, but there are some Ork-like creatures, some fight scenes in the style of Achilles (Brad Pitt) in Troy, and some stylized footage reminiscent of 300.

I'm betting I'll really love this movie, but the trailer just caught me off guard. Also check out the badass scorpion tail that makes a quick appearance. WTF!

Did you notice any other ripped off images in the trailer that I missed?

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