Thursday, February 25, 2010

Iron Man 2 Costumes!

Oh my gawwwddd... if I were a dude I would totally buy one of these costumes for Halloween. Wait, I might just do it anyway! Cuz I don't conform to gender stereotypes.

Iron Man 2 costumes have hit the market, and now you can be Whiplash and War Machine!

Personally I would choose Whiplash, because I totally have abs like that, so put on a sequin bra underneath and BAM!... I'm winning EVERY costume contest!


Stacie said...

Whiplash reminds me of the He-man costume, sans furry under-roos.

Stephen K said...

Why does War Machine have such a massive head? He looks like a bobble head doll, haha!

JRL said...

I can only hope the movie itself has such great costumes. lol - Whiplash reminds me the Prince of Persia, and well Warmachine... fail!