Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Kate Blanchett in Indian Summer

Here comes Katie B. in another period film! But this time, she won't need a corset - cuz the film in question takes place in the 40s. But regardless, she'll look stunning in her time-period appropriate garb.

Indian Summer, coming 2011, will star Kate Blanchett and Irrfan Khan (who?).

A British Lord and his beautiful wife are sent to India in 1947 to oversee the handover of power. IMDB.

Ooooh, sounds intriguing. Although we don't know much else, as the project is listed as "on hold", we can bet Blanchy will be falling for an Indian man during her trip. We make this assumption since an Indian actor is listed in the cast before anyone that would be playing the hubby - therefore, LOVE INTEREST! That's logical, right? I'm sure Kate will be all conflicted about leaving her husband (who will be portrayed as an ass, I'm sure), so the Indian dude will show her the charms of India and totally seduce her. This is all a guess, but you soooo know I'm probably right. Come on, Hollywood... give me a challenge.

All of this drama and romance complemented by beautiful Indian scenery and political undertones, will make Indian Summer a contender at the Oscars. MARK MY WORDS! Or don't, in case I'm wrong.

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