Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tantalizing Trivia: Earthquake

In honour of the earthquake that 'rocked' our hometown of Ottawa yesterday, I've prepared some special Tantalizing Trivia for all you Cin-Obs! For realzzz...

Earthquake (1974) was our very first 'disaster' movie ever! We were quite young and it instilled a fear in us of moving ground that has kept us in therapy for years. Ok. Not really, but it did scare the shit outta us in our formative years. The movie starred Charlton Heston and Ava Gardner and a mofo huge dam that collapses in the quake (best scene of the entire movie!)

So here's the triv - On the first day of shooting there was... you guessed it... AN EARTHQUAKE!! Weird right? Well, it gets weirder. Another earthquake struck on the last day of shooting too! What kind of coincidence is that?! Mother Nature was all: "Ok fuckers. You want an earthquake movie? Deal with this!" *Cue earthquake*

If you're into disaster flicks, check it out!


Tom said...

The plastic toy cows in the toy truck that goes over the bridge is one of my favorite scenes.

And Walter Matthau's "Drunk" character sitting in the bar like nothing's happening - hysterical!

Chantale said...

LOL such a great cameo!!!