Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Elizabeth Banks is TINK!

In another lazy attempt to re-hash an old concept, Elizabeth banks will be playing everyone's favourite fairy, Tinkerbell, in an upcoming live-action rom-com!

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that producers Jennifer Gibgot (17 Again), and McG (Charlie's Angels) will be involved, as well as Adam Shankman, choreographer. Ooooh this means DANCING FAIRIES! As much as we hate watching Hollywood get desperate and remake the same old crappola with tiny variances, we're up for a singing dancing version of Tink and her fairy friends!

A few possibilities for plot:

- fish out of water tale in which Tink escapes from a fairy tale book and finds herself in the 'real' world
- some modern man gets sucked into Neverland somehow and Tink shows him the ropes and helps him get back, but OH surprise they fall in love (à la Hook)
- Tink is kidnapped by pirates who want to extract fairy dust from her to sell it, and some young pirate protégé has a change of heart, helps her escape and they go on the run together, all the while falling in love. Duh.

Come on Hollywood, give me a challenge.

Do you think Banks will be a bankable Tinkerbell? (see what I did there?)


M. Carter @ the Movies said...

I like Elizabeth Banks, but do we really NEED a rehash of this? And what's with this newfound obsession everybody has with Tinkerbell? Is she a sex symbol now?

Chantale said...

My vote goes to pirates extracting fairy dust to sell on the pirate black market. Let's take Tink down a dark road where she has to fight scurvy and eat rats out of desperation. Now that would be an original story for Tink.

DEZMOND said...

I don't think the whole movie will be bankable, because it probably won't be made as a blockbuster, but Banks is super charming and also extremely stylish.

Christina In Wonderland said...

I think I just lost all faith in the Hollywood movie industry now. For shame...