Tuesday, July 20, 2010

He's Puss... Puss in Boots!

Huzzah!!! Ever since we were introduced to the loveable character, Puss in Shrek 2 (2004), we have been hoping and praying that he would get his own feature length film! We've been hearing bits and pieces about this one and the time has come to share it with the Cin-Obs...

Puss, voiced by Antonio Banderas, will star in Puss in Boots (2011), a prequel of sorts, telling the story of Puss's fighting days leading up to the epic moment when he meets Shrek and Donkey. We're sure we'll see some Ferocious Fights and we can all certainly count on having a larf! Funniest. Cat Ever. Anyone see Puss in Shrek Forever After (2010)? Hilar.

Zack Galifianakis will voice Humpty Dumpty and Salma Hayek will voice a character named Kitty. Original. Sheesh. But we have high hopes! We have throroughly enjoyed each and every installment in the Shrek franchise, so we're totally down for spin-off flicks. Totes McGotes yo.

We'll keep y'all updated as promo shiz is released. Can't wait!

UPDATE: Thanks for bringing this photo to our attention DEZ! It's Puss and Kitty! Sweet belts!


JRL said...

why are prequels so popular? I mean the second i saw the title of this post i figured it would probably be the story of puss and how he became the cat in the boots. Although i'm sure once this is a huge success there will be a sequel in which he has his own adventures.

My favourite part about this though the addition of Humpty Dumpty. Kick ass!

Vanessa Sagossi said...

This pussy is really relly cute.
Vanessa Sagossi,

Chantale said...

Totally cute pussy ! *shifty eyes*

JRL - We're psyched for Humpty Dumpty - and lord knows they'll bring forward some more awesome fairytale characters!

DEZMOND said...

you actually have a first pic of Puss and Kitty over at my HOLLYWOOD SPY, which I published a few months ago :)

Angie said...

Thanks Dez, I updated the post!

Peter Eramo said...

Is a full-length on Puss absolutely necessary? This is getting quite weary and trite. Hate when good things are ruined.

Storm Lion Intern said...

Idk about this Puss movie. I don't think the character is that strong.

JRL said...

Lion - I disagree. I can easily see them making at least two movies out of the Puss in Boots character. He may not be that strong of a character, but he is lovable, and really that is all you need.

Chant - I certainly hope so. It would be nice to see some sort of originality in finding new characters in fairy tale land. To be honest, i hope i don't see shrek or donkey though... but as is the way in Hollywood, i'm sure they will milk them both for all they are worth despite so many others to choose from: Little Bo Peep and all her lost sheep, Old Mother Hubbard, Jack and Jill even.