Friday, July 16, 2010

In Today's Green News...

Here we have Canadian heart-throb Ryan Reynolds in costume for his role in The Green Lantern, coming in 2011. Ooooh evil stare and skin tight outfit! Love it lotsly.

Here we have Seth Rogen and Jay Chou on set of Rogen's new action flick The Green Hornet, also coming in 2011.

Here they are again, experimenting with what will probably be our hero's vehicle.
And it looks BADASS!

And now Christoph Waltz as the baddie in The Green Hornet, Chudnofsky, with a giant mofo gun. That was a great description wasn't it? I'M LAZY! Use your eyes!

And let's not forget the rumours flying all over the internet about Mark Ruffalo as the new HULK in the upcoming Avengers movie! So far it's just speculation, but he's apparently at the top of a short list to play the green machine we know and love. It's not the weirdest choice. I mean, Edward Norton played the Hulk, so it's not like it HAS to be some macho action star. Norton's kinda prissy, so I don't see why Ruffs couldn't do it! Isn't that the whole point? He goes from normal guy to CRAZY GREEN WACKO! RAAAWWWR!!!


TG said...

I like this one...Thanks
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Melanie's Randomness said...

Ryan Reynolds might be hot as the green latern!! I hope it works!!