Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Emma Stone's a Busy Gal!

Thanks to a tip from Cin-Ob The Masked Critic about Stone's involvement with the Spidey reboot, we thought we'd check out Emma's other upcoming projects.

So firstly, Emma was rumoured to be playing Mary-Jane in the prequel (of sorts) Spiderman flick. A little googling tells us it's been announced officially - she'll be playing Gwen Stacy, a previous Peter Parker love interest (played by Bryce Dallas Howard in Spiderman 3). That sounds more legitimate, since I don't think anyone would believe Emma as a young Kirsten Dunst. But I highly doubt that's what they're going for, since - interesting tidbit - the new Peter Parker will be played by Andrew Garfield, who recently starred in The Social Network. These aren't exactly look-alikes to the original cast, so I assume they're just starting over, so to speak.

The film is supposed to be released in July 2012, but with all the trouble the film had getting off the ground, I wouldn't hold your breath.

Emma Stone is also rumoured to be participating in the new 21 Jump Street movie, also coming in 2012. Other possible cast-mates include Jonah Hill, and no-names Jason Sheppard (you don't know him, trust me), Zef Balbona (awesome name, don't know him, but he looks like a Cullen), and Harry Cook (who?).

An undercover police unit consisting of young looking officers infiltrate high schools to control youth crime  [IMDB]

I'll watch this movie, although I didn't really watch the show. I'll just be hoping J-Depp makes a cameo. God knows he won't cuz he's too busy being cool over in France to relive his youth a little bit. Ok that's unfair, I have no idea if he'll show up for a cameo. But you know who will? Richard Grieco. He's not up to much these days.


The Masked Critic said...

I love the Masked Critic.

He's so dreamy with his washboard abs.

Angie said...

Of course. He's masculine, yet sweet and sensitive. The type you take home to the Cin-Ob Mom.