Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Wow, couldn't believe the description on this one.

Could be great... could be poopy.

In 2019, a plague transforms the world's population into vampires. With fewer humans to provide blood, the vampires seek to farm the remaining humans and to find a way to continue their existence. A secret team of vampires uncover a way that would rescue the human race. (Wikipedia)

This is verrryyy reminiscent of the plot to Blade: Trinity, this concept of a vampire final solution, and farming blood. I guess if we're just being logical, that IS what vamps would do. Assholes.

The movie stars Ethan "I was married to Uma" Hawke, as a vampire named Edward. Yes, you read that right. Edward. *Angie scowls and shakes her finger.* Bad Filmmakers! BAD! How dare you rip off our beloved Twilight.

Waaaiiit a sec... Stephanie Myer ripped off pretty much everything she ever wrote about vampires. So nevermind, it's ok.

Back to the matter at hand - Daybreakers, coming January 10, 2010, also stars Sam "I still get work" Neill and Willem "not William" Dafoe. Isabel Lucas of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen stars as the last surviving human being. God help us if she's all that's left in the end.

And tell me... if they're billing her as the LAST human being, we can pretty much assume the movie doesn't have a happy ending, right? Unless we see some immaculate conception action. Or some vamp-human lovin'.

We're also cool with a bad ending, one of human extinction. Those are fun. Cuz we're sick like that.

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JRL said...

Wow, i'm shocked, yet another Vampire movie. I see there is currently no end to the vampire roller coaster that everyone seems to be riding. Well then! At least it's somewhat a breath of fresh air in that it's somewhat of a new perspective on the whole vampire issue (Somewhat being the key word) In comparison to blade, i personally think it will be nothing like it beyond the basic concept. Guess we will have to wait, so far i like what i see. (But then again i like vampires.. before they were cool!)