Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Season of the Witch: You can't stop us!!

So here's the dealio... We talked about Season of the Witch a little while ago. Rememba that? Oh and this? And that let's not forget this one too... Can you tell we're excited for this Nic film?

After posting the oh-so-Tempting Trailer, YouTube pulled it. BOO. I feel the need to comment on this wacky phenomenon yet again: WHY OH WHY, MOVIE PRODUCER PEEPS, DO YOU NOT WANT FREE PUBLICITY FOR FILMS WE WILL WANT TO WATCH AFTER SEEING THE TRAILERS??!


So here we go again. Here's a peak of what to expect from the Cagester and Perlman. It's gonna be good.


Simon said...

Robert Sheehan's my dude, you don't even know.

Simon said...
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