Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Vampire's Suck! Let's Hope This Movie Doesn't!

It was only a matter of time before the vamp craze was spoofed! And we're jazzed! We love Twilight and all things vampire, but we're also good sports and love to see those things totally made fun of!

Not to mention we're spoof JUNKIES. Like this... or this nugget of goodness...oh yeah and this puppy right here.

Coming in August of this year is Vampire's Suck, starring nobody I recognize except Ken Jeong, which looks hilarious. I also love their take on the "pale black vampire." Check out the trailer to see what the hell I'm talking about.

My only issue, as I've said before, is the nonsensical addition of random pop-culture references, ie Lady Gaga. WHY OH WHY? We're spoofing vamps, not everything random that's currently happening in society. Pure stupidity.

But either way, we'll give this movie a chance. And finally all you Twilight haters will have something you can enjoy and take your rage out on. But then you'll be pissed when you realize that all the chicks dig the spoof versions of Edward, Jacob, and James - because deal with it - they're still hot in this movie.  YOU JUST CAN'T WIN!

Also, let's address the haters' argument about older women oggling these young guys. Let me just remind you men - you've been doing that forever in films. Olsen Twins, anyone?


Storm. Kat Storm. said...

Normally, I can't get down with spoof movies (I think the concept is a tad overdone lately), but I think I would watch that :-)

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ghrency said...

Lets hope for the best..

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